Insurance charges of "OIC" JSC upon 2013 year performance exceeded 11,4 billion tenge; insurance payouts reached 3,11 billion tenge.
Business accounting system and process of regulating insurance payouts are centralized through the Company Headquarters. The Company has paid over 125 million tenge to Border Forces of KNB RK by fact of catastrophy od aircraft An-72.


In April international agency S&P confirmed long-term counterparty credit rating and long term financial strength rating "B" and increased prognosis from "Stable" to "Positive". In June Kazakhstan agency "Expert RA Kazakhstan" increased reliability rating of "OIC" JSC from "A" level to "A+" level (very high level).


In March S&P international agency assigned a long term counterparty credit rating and a long term financial strength rating, with "B+/ Stable Outlook" "" and "A+/ Stable outlook", "" accordingly. Rating agency "Expert RA" assigned "OIC" JSC reliability rating at "A" level. First time in history collection of insurance premiums upon the year end performance exceeded 10 billion tenge. Insurance payouts made 2,4 billion tenge.


Procedure for obtaining international financial rating from Standard&Poor’s agency had started.


The Company is included in the list of 100 largest companies in the country by rating "Expert 100 Kazakhstan" of magazine "Expert of Kazakhstan"


In July own medical assistance center is opened including medical coordinators and family doctors. Round the clock monitoring service operation is introduced.


In February the effective period of obligatory insurance was extended with the coverage of 20 million US dollars in case of occurrence of catastrophic risks. In September conformity certificate of quality management system and meeting the of ST RK 9001-2009 requirements was acquired. Ever since the Company has had annual independent audit and confirms conformance to this high standard. The Company insured over 600 Kazakhstani spectators for Summer ХХIХ Olympic games in Beijing.


Corporate identity of the Company is upgraded. A new operation format "Honest insurance - direct payout" introduced in the most massive segment of mandatory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners.


Call-Center is opened in May. In November computerized system of issuing insurance policies is introduced.


In January, for the second year in a row the Company is recognized to be the winner among insurance companies in "Automobile service" competition. In February Customer Service Center is opened for quick decision-making on insurance benefit payment to individuals. In May, in pursuance of the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan the Company was re-registered from legal organizational form OJSC to JSC. In September authorized capital is increased twice as much thereby its size reached 1,5 billion tenge.


In January the Company won the first place among insurance companies at the competition "Automobile service". In May Staff Training Center is opened. OIC one of the first insurance companies in the market starts to independently and professionally train certified insurance agents.


In October for the third time the Company becomes the winner in the competition for best goods and services "Choice of the year" in the category "Insurance company No. 1 in Kazakhstan". In November shareholders increased authorized capital up to 750 million tenge. In December obligatory reinsurance agreement of property risks is drawn up on an excess of loss basis with coverage scope per risk of 10 million US dollars. Starting from November the Company has been a party of the Insurance Payments Guarantee Fund.


The Company becomes the winner of competition "People's choice of Kazakhstan". Scope of collected premiums of the Company upon the year end performance exceeded 4 billion tenge. A branch is opened in the city of Aktau.


In October the authorized capital was increased to 125 million tenge. Upon the year end performance "OIC" OJSC again becomes the winner in the category "Insurance company No. 1 in Kazakhstan" of the "Choice of the year" competition. Amount of premiums at the year-end exceeded 1,2 billion tenge. License for insurance activities in mandatory and voluntary insurance acquired.


Amount of collected premiums of the Company at the year end exceeded 1 billion tenge. "OIC" becomes the winner in nomination "Insurance company No. 1 in Kazakhstan" of the competition "Choice of the year".


In August the Company drew up an agreement of obligatory insurance of reinsuring liability and property with foreign reinsurance companies through the intermediary of insurance broker Marsh Ltd. Representation office is opened in Kyzylorda.


28 July after entering membership of shareholders representing oil and gas and financial branches of Kazakhstan the Company being a successor of "Insurance partnership AstykInStrakh" LLP was reorganized and had re-registration procedure in JSC "Oil insurance company". Branches are opened in such cities and towns as: Almaty, Atyrau, Aktobe, Zhezkazgan, Pavlodar, Petropavlovsk, Karaganda, SemipalatiOIC, Uralsk, Shymkent, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Taraz, Taldykorgan.


On 10 April "Insurance partnership AstykInStrakh" LLP established by the largest grain exporters was registered with judicial authorities. Branches are opened in the cities of Kostanai and Kokshetau.

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