Health Insurance for Companies

Medical Insurance for Companies

Corporate clients may choose the best health insurance option for their employees of several programs.

Each of them includes a specific set of medical services ranging from outpatient care to rehabilitation activities in health resort conditions.

In addition, OIC experts will always help you select the best combination of insurance conditions and its cost based on the insurance budget of your specific organization.

Important Advantage in Choosing Your Insurer!

OIC JSC does not assign a company to one own clinic. On the contrary, we give the right to choose medical center, which is undoubtedly convenient when seeking medical care in different cities of Kazakhstan. OIC JSC has direct contracts with 400 clinics throughout Kazakhstan. Furthermore, OIC JSC is working closely with a network of medical clinics of its general partner – Open Clinic LLP, oriented at insured clients’ services. We always strive to expand our range of services, taking into account the wishes of our customers.

We value every customer who trusts us with care about health of their employees. Wherever the company employee is, he/she will always get doctors’ advice and help.

Health Insurance Programs

Advantages of OIC JSC Medical Insurance

  • round-the-clock consulting dispatch service 
  • arranging doctor visits on call 
  • aranging ambulance call 
  • visits to specialists 
  • information about medical staff 
  • emergency medical help 
  • organization of hospitalization 
  • initial consultation and treatment by emergency specialists

Outpatient Care

Hospital Care

Family Doctors’ Consultations
  • family doctor’s visit to customer’s house or office for emergency or therapeutic indications (examination, diagnosis, orders). 
  • prescription forms and referrals to specialists for emergency, therapeutic and preventive indications.

Planned visit of nursing staff to the client’s home for carring out the prescribed medical manipulations

Additional Services:
  • doctor’s duty at home. 
  • nurse’s duty at home. 
  • medical escort during transportation to hospital 
  • medical support during examination. 
  • home or office dlivery of medicines. 
  • prescription forms and referrals to specialists at home or in the office as indicated.

Health insurance programs may include dental care, free medicines on family doctor’s prescription, vaccinations and preventive examinations. There is also a possibility of family inclusion into company employee’s insurance and insurance of persons traveling abroad.

After signing the contract, a personal manager will be assigned to maintain and administrate Health Insurance contract.

For detailed information about possibilities of insurance for employees of your company, you may call and receive a more detailed advice about health insurance.

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