Health Insurance for Individual Persons

Insurance Programs for Individual Persons

Professional health services and qualified outpatient treatment and house-calls. This is what many Kazakhstanis seek as they go to a hospital. With health insurance OIC JSC offers its clients 400 best clinics and medical centers throughout Kazakhstan. OIC JSC provides quality medical care and treatment for individuals.

Programs: Dolana, Dolana Econom, Dolana Minimum

OIC JSC cares about the health of their customers. A medical policy holder will be relieved of many problems faced by people in Kazakhstan when going to community-based clinics:

  • lines;
  • lack of specialists;
  • problems with an ambulance.

With this program, customers OIC JSC have an opportunity to receive medical services at home and receive medical care and services based on the Open Clinic network of medical centers in Almaty, Astana, Atyrau and Kulsary. Open Clinic is the general partner of OIC insurance company, which means preferential treatment and individual approach to each patient.

Medical Insurance Opportunities provided by Dolana Programs:

  • Round-the-clock home or office visit by family doctor/pediatrician for emergency and therapeutical indications
    Under Dolana Program – no more than 30 times during the period of insurance;
    Under Dolana Econom Program – no more than 15 times during the period of insurance;
    Under Dolana Minimum Program – no more than 4 times during the period of insurance;
  • Open Clinic family doctor/pediatrician visits for emergency and therapeutic indications without restrictions during business hours of the clinic; 
  • Open Clinic specialized doctors’ consultations in the line of a family doctor for emergency and medical indications:
    Under Dolana Program – no more than 10 times during business hours of the clinic during the period of insurance
    Under Dolana Econom Program – no more than 3 times during business hours of the clinic during the period of insurance 
  • Qualified medical advice by dispatch service telephone under Dolana Minimum Program;
  • Qualified medical advice by call-center service; 
  • Access to information about medical centers, dental clinics and pharmacies; 
  • Organization of consultations by professors and leading experts from research centers;
  • Organization of hospitalization to any hospital of the city and subsequent supervision of treatment by Insurer’s representative; 
  • Organization of nursing services at home with 5% discount; 
  • Diagnostic services and treatment procedures at Open Clinic, except for laboratory tests, with 5% discount; 
  • Issuance of temporary disability leaves in case of illness or child care.

Cost of Dolana Program – starting from 10 000 tenge.

The following services are also offered to individuals:

Simple Program for foreigners (non-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan)

Nareste Program – newborn supervision and care until one year old

Pregnancy and Delivery Program.

Advantages of Health Insurance with OIC JSC:

  • Ability to call in a family doctor/pediatrician at any time of the day, 7 days a week. 
  • Ability to receive doctor’s advice at the Open Clinic medical center at any convenient time, by appointment. 
  • • Round-the-clock call center service provides all the necessary medical information 24 hours a day. 
  • Ability to receive qualified medical advice over the phone. 
  • The insurance company guarantees observance of patient’s rights and monitors the quality of medical care directly in the course of treatment.

You may receive a more detailed information about conditions and cost of all health insurance programs at the Health Insurance Department of OIC JSC.

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