Hull Insurance

Voluntary Insurance of Motor Vehicles

What is Hull Insurance and what is it for?

Hull Insurance is your car’s protection against a number of risks: from minor scratches to theft. If you got into a car accident, your car was broken by vandals or was stolen, insurance company will pay for the repair and restoration of your vehicle, or will pay compensation for the purchase of a new car.

What can be insured under hull insurance?

Passenger cars, trucks, trailers, semitrailers, construction and agricultural machinery, as well as motorcycles with useful life of up to 23 years, as well as auxiliary equipment installed in the vehicle.

In what insured events can insurance compensation be received?

In case of a car accident, theft or stealing of a vehicle; downfall of a foreign object on a vehicle or foreign object falling on a vehicle; in case of fire, explosion; lightning, natural disasters; unlawful acts of third parties; other events that occur unexpectedly and affect the vehicle externally.

How does insurance coverage work?

If there is an occurrence of an insured event, at the choice of the vehicle owner the vehicle will be restored or insurance indemnity will be paid. Repairs are performed at authorized vehicle service stations or at partnering service stations of OIC JSC. The Policyholder can choose insurance program for the risk of “Damage”, which determine the choice of the service station, where the vehicle will be restored. Programs vary in price by about 20%.

How much does OIC hull insurance cost?

Rate varies from 0.9% to 4.8% of the vehicle value and depends on: 

  1. the vehicle age, 
  2. the selected risks 
  3. the selected *straight deductible 
  4. insurance indemnity options.

*Straight deductible is a part of the loss that is not to be reimbursed by the insurer and that is deducted when calculating compensation payable to the Policyholder, from the total amount of indemnity.

Benefits of Obtaining Hull Insurance with OIC

  • Free delivery; 
  • Personal support (assigned manager or agent); 
  • Free SMS notification of the need for contract renewal; 
  • Average commissioner’s visit to the accident scene;
  • Free tow truck, where necessary

Time for receipt of payment?

The money is paid in tenge within 7 working days from the time of submission of all required documents.

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