Mandatory Civil Liability Insurance (hereinafter - MCLI)

Upon occurrence of an insured event, according to the current Law on Voluntary Civil Liability Insurance of Motor Vehicle Owners of 01.07.2003, it is required to:

  1. Immediately, but no later than three working days of becoming aware of the occurrence of traffic accident and insured event, notify the insurer thereof with whom they have signed a contract on Mandatory Civil Liability of Motor Vehicle Owners’ Insurance, by any means available (oral, written). Oral notification must be subsequently (within 72 hours) confirmed in writing. In cases where the policyholder and the insured are not one and the same person, the obligation to inform the insurer of the occurrence of a traffic accident and an insured event lies with the insured. If the policyholder (the insured) for legitimate reasons was not able to perform the above actions, they must provide documentary evidence thereof;
  2. Inform the aggrieved persons and traffic police officers of the name and location of the insurer with whom they have a signed contract on Mandatory Civil Liability of Motor Vehicle Owners’ Insurance;
  3. Take reasonable and affordable measures under the circumstances to prevent or reduce potential losses, including measures to salvage property and assist the affected persons;
  4. Call relevant bodies and organizations to the traffic accident scene, based on their competence (traffic police department, internal affairs bodies, state fire service, ambulance service, emergency services);
  5. Not later than two hours after receipt of a written instruction of an authorized officer to undergo medical examination to determine whether there was a psychoactive substance use and intoxication in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  6. Not later than two working days from the day of notification to the insurer about an insured event, notify the aggrieved person thereof;
  7. Ensure transfer to the insurer of the right of recourse against the person responsible for the occurrence of the insured event;

According to Article 20-1 of the Law on Mandatory Civil Liability Insurance of Motor Vehicle Owners, average commissioner’s visit ti the traffic accident scene is desirable but not mandatory.

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