Mandatory Insurance of Civil Liability of Hazardous Facilities’ Owners

Mandatory Civil Liability Insurance of Owners of Facilities whose Activities are Associated with the Risk of Harm to Third Parties

Owners of enterprises, whose activity is associated with the risk of harm to third parties as a result of accidents or violations in production process, may cause harm to life, health and/or property of third parties. Therefore, July 7, 2004 a law was adopted № 580-II on mandatory civil liability insurance of owners of facilities whose activities are associated with the risk of harm to third parties.

Insurance of hazardous facilities is mandatory!

Operation of facility, the activity of which has the risk of causing harm to third parties, without executing a contract of liability insurance of owners of hazardous facilities, is not allowed.

What is an insured event

An insured event is the fact of the accident or incident at the facility, resulting injury, harm to life, health and (or) property of third parties.

Cost of CL insurance of owners of hazardous facilities

Insurance premium under the contract is established by agreement of the parties from 0,75 to 2,02% of the sum insured.

Amounts of insurance indemnities

Bodily Injury

  1. In the event of death – 1000 MCI;
  2. In the event of disability:
    • Group 1 – 800 MCI;
    • Group 2 – 600 MCI;
    • Group 3 – 500 MCI;
    • «ребенок-инвалид» - 500 МРП.
  3. In case of bodily injury, trauma or other damage to health, without establishing a disability - in the amount of the actual costs of outpatient and (or) inpatient treatment, but not more than 300 MCI. The amount of insurance indemnity for each day of hospital treatment must be at least 2 MCI.

Damage to Property

Amount of harm is determined based on calculation of cost of property restoration adjusted for wear and tear that occurred before the insured event.

Period of Insurance and Territorial Limits

Insurance Contract shall be executed for the term of twelve months.
Territory covered by the insurance contract – Republic of Kazakhstan.

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