Mandatory Insurance of Civil Liability of Motor Vehicle Owners

Motor Vehicle Owner Civil Liability Insurance (MVO CLI)

What is MVO CLI?

Vehicle owners’ civil liability insurance is providing the aggrieved parties (individuals and organizations) with compensation for damages caused by motor vehicle owners during their operation.

In Kazakhstan, this type of insurance is regulated by a separate law dated 01.07.2003, № 446-II “On Mandatory Motor Vehicle Owners Civil Liability Insurance”.

Why buy a mandatory motor vehicle owner’s CLI Policy?

Any driver may become involved in a traffic accident. Like any mechanism, a car is a source of increased danger; therefore, its owner must be prepared for having to compensate for damage caused to other road users. Every vehicle owner is obliged to insure his/her liability.

Even the most experienced driver on the most reliable car can get into a traffic accident. In Kazakhstan hundreds of thousands of traffic accidents happen each year. In each of these cases the aggrieved parties claim damages.

Benefits of purchasing a policy from OIC:

  • Immediate policy subscription and free delivery; 
  • 24/7 Average Commissioner services; 
  • Round-the-clock Call Center; 
  • Direct payment (if you are the affected party, you can receive payment directly at the OIC, without losing time to applying to the insurance company of the party responsible for the traffic accident) 
  • Payments within up to 7 days; 
  • Personal payment services in each region.

Additional coverage for responsible drivers!

OIC offers to responsible customers who are not satisfied with the amounts of benefits provided for under MVO CLMI to extend the limit of indemnity. If you become responsible for a traffic accident, you can increase the amount of indemnity payments by purchasing a volunteer CLI with increased liability limits (MVO VLI), along with mandatory CL insurance.

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