Property Insurance

Property Insurance

Apartment or house is the main asset of any family. Voluntary property insurance contract with OIC will help you protect yourself from costs related to restoration of your property from the effects of fire, water, robbers, etc.

Advantages of property insurance with OIC JSC:

OIC JSC has long years of experience in property insurance, allowing us to cover the most relevant risks faced by the people of Kazakhstan in one contract.

 What can be insured?

1. Real Estate:

  • structural component of apartment/house 
  • apartment/house finish
  • technical equipment

2. Personal Property:

  • household and personal items, including furniture, home decor, home interior design items, household equipment, audio, video, photographic equipment, electronics and appliances, measuring and optical instruments, clothes, utensils, tools, sport and hunting gear, etc.

3. Civil Liability to Neighbors and Other Persons 

What will your property be protected from:

  • against fire and smoke, gas explosion; 
  • against damage by water and other liquids (flooded by neighbors, pipes burst, etc.); 
  • against robbery, hooliganism, vandalism; 
  • against theft and robbery; 
  • against lightning, natural disasters; 
  • against earthquake; 
  • against falling trees and other foreign objects, crashes, collisions with cars, downfall of aircrafts; 
  • insurance of your civil liability for damage to neighbors if you flooded them, and in other circumstances.

Property Insurance Cost

Real Estate:
The cost depends on characteristics of the apartment, selected risks and amount of deductible.  
rate from 0,16% to 0,30% of the apartment/house value.
Personal Property: rate from 0,16% to 0,28% of the property value and depends on the selected deductible.
Liability to Neighbors rate from 0,19% to 0,30% and depends on the selected deductible.

Sum Insured

Real Estate  may be insured for real value determined at the time of contract execution.
Personal Property for the amount not exceeding 20% of the actual value of apartment/house.
Liability to Neighbors for the amount from 250 000 tenge to 5 000 000 tenge.

Straight deductible at the discretion (part of los that is not recoverable and is deducted from the total amount of indemnity in calculation of insurance indemnity):

  • 15 000 tenge
  • 30 000 tenge
  • 50 000 tenge
  • 75 000 tenge
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