Railway Transport

Rail Transport Insurance

Railway accidents occur regularly and are associated with many causes, which are not always possible to anticipate and foresee. OIC JSC offers a reliable protection for the interests of railway transport owners.

Objet Insured

The object insured is the property interests of the policyhodler associated with damage, destruction and/or loss, including stealing or theft of rail transport.

Insured Event

An insured event is an event upon occurrence of which the insurer is obliged to pay insurance indemnity for damage, destruction or loss, including stealing or theft of the insured transport.

We provide coverage for compensation of damages caused to the insured rail transport that arise from one of the following risks:

  • random external impact force; 
  • fire or spontaneous combustion (except for damage caused by short circuit of electrical equipment elements); 
  • traffic accident, which is defined as an event that emerged in the process of rail transport motion and with its participation, which killed or injured people, damaged other vehicles, facilities, cargos, or caused other financial damage;
  • stealing or theft of rail transport. 
  • natural disaster; 
  • unlawful acts of third parties (except stealing or theft).

For an additional cost rail transport may be insured against risks of damage, loss and/or destruction that occurred as a result of:

  • running tests of rail transport after repair;
  • training trips;
  • new designs test, and other trial, demonstration trips that need a special permit.

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