Insurance against Other Financial Risks


Object Insured

Object insured is the property interests of the policyholder associated with the risk of loss due to an insured event.

Insured Events

An insured event is an occurred event provided for by the insurance contract, upon occurrence of which the insurer incurs an obligation to pay insurance indemnity as a result of loss of income, adverse natural phenomena, continuous unexpected expenses, loss of market value and other losses resulting from performance of financial and economic activities, including those associated with:

  • negligence, criminal activity (fraud) of bank employees in performance of their official duties; 
  • receipt of counterfeit money by the bank; 
  • forgery of financial instruments and securities (checks, bills, certificates of deposit, stocks, bonds, mortgage bonds, guarantees, cash orders, etc.); 
  • theft, destruction or damage to banknotes, precious stones, metals, securities, insurance contracts (insurance policies), accounting books, etc. located in bank facilities;
  • loss of money and valuables in the course of collection; 
  • crimes involving plastic cards; 
  • computer fraud (criminal entering or distortion of electronic information); 
  • inflation, deflationary risks; 
  • price and currency risks; 
  • liquidity risk; 
  • interest-rate risks;
  • credit risk; 
  • bankruptcy; 
  • non-payment by bank of fixed-term deposits and money in accounts; 
  • losses associated with the introduction of new machinery and technologies; 
  • decrease in the volume of sales, additional costs and other losses; 
  • business interruption; 
  • failure to perform (improper performance) of contractual obligations by Counterparty; 
  • loss of ownership of real property; 
  • loss of investment (investment risk).

Guidelines of voluntary insurance against other financial losses provide for certain types of insure events with a view to their specifics.

  1. Comprehensive insurance of banking risks 
  2. Insurance of banks against electronic and computer crimes 
  3. Credit risk Insurance 
  4. Insurance against inflation and deflationary risks. 
  5. Currency risk insurance 
  6. Liquidity risks Insurance
  7. Insurance against interest rate risks 
  8. Insurance against bankruptcy 
  9. Insurance of fixed-term deposits and money in bank accounts 
  10. Innovation Insurance 
  11. Insurance against price risks 
  12. Insurance against reduced sales risk, additional costs and other financial losses 
  13. Insurance against business interruption 
  14. Ownership insurance (title insurance)
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