Supplies and Inventory Insurance

Insurance of Goods and Materials of an Enterprise

"My Business" Insurance program is a reliable protection of goods in stock, in circulation for up to 1 mln. tenge.

  • fire and smoke 
  • damage caused by water or other liquids; 
  • natural disasters; 
  • crashes of aircrafts and other aerial objects, as well as wreckage and objects fallen out of them 
  • explosion. 

Straight deductible is 10% of sum insured per occurrence.

At the conclusion of the insurance contract inspection of goods and supplies by OIC JSC representative is not required.

Deductible - 10% of the sum insured for each insured event.
"Successful Business" Program – everything you need in one contract: real property, goods and liability insurance!

What can be insured?

  • Real estate with interior decoration (mandatory insured object);
  • Movable property (including goods in st0ck and in trade, except for food products);
  • Civil liability to third parties.

The Contract will compensate for damages caused by:

  • fire and smoke, gas explosion; 
  • damage caused by water or other liquids; 
  • lightning, natural disasters, excluding earthquake; 
  • earthquake; 
  • unlawful acts of third parties; 
  • theft, robbery; 
  • downfall of manned aircraft, trees or other foreign objects, hitting, collision, crash of vehicles or self-propelled machines.

Advantages of goods and materials insurance with OIC:

  • "Successful Business" Program - an insurance product, which provides for preferential rates and includes additional services that are not offered by other companies. 
  • A wide range of risks hardly affects final price. 
  • The contract is valid for one year. 
  • Insurance premium paid reduces taxable company income.

How to make an order?

Our specialists will prepare an individual insurance program that takes into account your budget, objectives and business specifics.

To do this, please contact us at: +7 (727) 258-18-00 ext. 1063 and mobile: + 7701 737 70 72 or leave us your contact details and describe the insurance your organization wants, and OIC Corporate Insurance officers will contact you. Email address for messages:

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