Travel Insurance


Going abroad on a holiday, business or to study? OIC JSC Insurance Contract compensates for expensive treatment in the event of sudden illness or injury. This may result in hospitalization and a bill for a large sum for the rendered medical services and medicines. Insurance Contract will protect you against major unplanned expenses for medical treatment abroad.

Insurance is necessary for each person who temporarily travels abroad for whatever reason:

  • tourists; 
  • students studying abroad; 
  • persons traveling on business trips and for employment. 
  • professional athletes and recreational athletes.

Countries that you have to have insurance to visit:

  • European Union States; 
  • U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Australia; 
  • Countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and European states not included in the European Union;

Cost of insurance and its territorial Limits?

The cost of insurance for those traveling abroad depends on the sum insured, purpose of travel, the host country and the time spent abroad.

Countries, continents Cost of Insurance per 1 person for 10 days, in Euro Sum insured, in Euro
Turkey, Egypt, Thailand from 6,6 from 10 000
Europe (Schengen Zone) from 12 from 30 000
USA, Japan, Australia from 15,4 from 50 000

Insurance is not mandatory when crossing border to visit the CIS countries, but it is necessary during your stay in the country. Without it, citizens of Kazakhstan cannot expect to receive medical care in emergency situations.

In which situations is insurance coverage effective?

When a person who is staying abroad temporarily suddenly falls ill or becomes injured in an accident.

 An insured event shall be:

  1. Receiving emergency medical and medical transportation assistance upon occurrence of an insured event during their stay in the insurance territory. 
  2. Loss or damage to baggage of the Insured Person during the trip, when the responsibility for the safety of luggage during transportation becomes the responsibility of the carrier. 
  3. Costs incurred due to inability to travel outside of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Advantages of insurance with OIC JSC:

  • Provision of coverage in any country in the world 
  • Round-the-clock service: the Insured Persons receive assistance 24 hours, 7 days anywhere in the world by our primary international partners - CLASS Assistance and Akdeniz Alarm. 
  • Organization of qualified medical care. 
  • Payment for medical care without participation of the customer; OIC JSC will cover costs associated with the insured event. 
  • Over 120 tourist companies trust us with their customers. Each year, about 80,000 tourists go on a journey having executed a contract with OIC JSC.
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