Voluntary Insurance of Civil Liability of Motor Vehicle Owners

Motor Vehicle Owners Voluntary Civil Liability Insurance

Road Traffic Accidents involving expensive cars and resulting in losses greater than the sum determined by the Law on Mandatory Civil Liability Insurance (MCLI MVO) occur more often. Legally the person responsible for a traffic accident must pay the lacking funds on his/her own. Voluntary motor vehicle owner liability insurance (VCLI MVO) will help avoid such costs.

Voluntary insurance of civil liability is a supplement to mandatory policy. This is a choice of serious and responsible drivers.

This contract is especially necessary for those who live in large cities, where the probability of a traffic accident involving several cars or expensive foreign cars is high, and MCLI MVO indemnity may not cover all losses.

Small surcharge for voluntary civil liability insurance contract is incomparable with the real benefit of such a service. For example, in Almaty increase in liability limits to 15 million tenge costs only 18 000 tenge.

Insurance indemnity amount with no limits.

Cost of voluntary motor vehicle owner liability insurance

Rates range from 0.09% to 0.5% and depend on the type of vehicle and insurance indemnity option (with or without account for MCLI MVO policy).

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